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Validate Genome Sequencing Data


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Validate Genome Sequencing Data

FDA warns Inappropriate testing result lead to improper therapy!

5 rare disorders tests are about 85% incorrect, which may lead to 6% patients obtained an abortion.

Supported Format

Sequencing Statistic

  • Total Reads
  • % of duplicate Reads
  • Filtered Reads
  • % of N content

Base Quality

  • Base Quality Distribution
  • GC Content Derivations
  • Sequences Length Derivations

Mapping Metrics

  • Average Depth of Coverage
  • % of Reads Mapped to Reference Genome
  • Bases in Target Region
  • Mapping Quality

Variant Quality

  • Ti/Tv Ratio
  • Variant Types
  • Genotype Quality
  • Depth of Variants
  • Strand Bias Distribution

Learn How Quality Interpretation

1. QC Report record Sample and Assay information about ID、service provider and date.

2. QC Score present by the proportion of sample that pass QC items and can help you determine which data need to be confirmed.

3. ITEM base on the evidence pool is not limited to International guidelines but also literature from public health organizations

4. Results show the differences between testing sample and standards with details and statistic charts.

Clinical Center

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Clinical Center

Hospital and health care facilities use genetic testing to confirm the pathogenic genes and help select the best medicines. Physicians need to simultaneously ensure the reliability of test reports and reduce the risk of test errors before interpret to patients.

QCheck Key Benefits

  • Evidence collection & Reporting
  • Provide warning and management system
  • Preserve testing data and reports

Report management system

*On February 2021, Taiwan passed the amended “Regulations of Special Medical Techniques“ and added Laboratory Development Tests(LDTs). There are clear specifications for testing laboratory certification, testing data storage and operator qualifications.

Reference: https://dep.mohw.gov.tw/doma/cp-3132-43826-106.html

NGS Data QC report overview

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Research Institutions

Academic research group and Biobank use specimens / samples of various species to obtain genomics data, such as WES、WGS and target sequencing. Before analyzing and saving these big data, it is necessary to increase the sequencing data stability and decrease the influence of the experimenter’s operation and environment.

QCheck Key Benefits

  • Set parameters on quality items
  • Save system maintenance manpower
  • Build in-house gene database

Parameter setting of mapping metrics

QC Report of testing sample and results


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QC FlowAll*
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